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serves as a valuable resource for companies in the financial sector looking to innovate and develop new services related to payment processing and money transfer using VISA Direct and Mastercard MoneySend. It provides a secure and controlled environment for experimentation and testing, ultimately helping businesses bring innovative concepts to market more effectively.

Quick & Easy Start

Fully customized flexible and easy to use API supported openDevZone

Product Matrix

Product matrix of e-comm combined with unique pay out, card-2-card (peer-to-peer, money transfer) soon: BLIK&A2A (open banking)


Fenige is fully licensed and certified company: VISA/Mastercard member, with KNF licence, member of PL Acquirers Group in Polish Banking Association

Personal Advisory

Personalized and customized dedicated Account Manager with 360 degree support from onboarding through daily operations

About Sandbox

Dedicated Environment: FENIGE SANDBOX provides a dedicated and isolated environment separate from the production environment. This isolation ensures that any activities, testing, or experiments conducted within the sandbox do not impact the data or settings of the production environment.

Innovation Hub: It serves as an innovation hub, encouraging companies to explore and develop innovative concepts and solutions related to VISA Direct and Mastercard MoneySend services. This allows businesses to stay competitive and keep up with evolving technologies and customer demands.

Knowledge Sharing: FENIGE aims to share knowledge and experience with its business partners. This collaboration involves supporting partners in the development of innovative services, leveraging the capabilities of VISA Direct and Mastercard MoneySend.

Safe Exploration: Users within the FENIGE SANDBOX can safely explore, learn, and demo their ideas without the fear of causing disruptions or errors in the production environment. This ensures that new developments are thoroughly tested and refined before being deployed to production.

Development and Testing: The platform is conducive to the development and testing of new services and solutions. Developers can use this environment to build and fine-tune applications, while testers can assess the performance and functionality of these applications in a controlled setting.

Real-time Simulation: FENIGE SANDBOX allows innovators and testers to simulate real-time responses from all the systems an application interfaces with. This means that developers and testers can mimic the behavior of the production environment and assess how their solutions interact with various systems.

Participant Application Process:

Expression of Interest: Potential participants indicate their interest in joining the Sandbox Program either through the website or by directly contacting the Account Manager.

Application Submission: Potential participants complete the application questionnaire to apply for the Fenige Sandbox program. Pre-onboarding procedures are conducted during this stage.

Access to FENIGE SANDBOX Platform: After the form's analysis and approval by the Fenige Management Board, access to the FENIGE SANDBOX platform is granted to the candidate.


To join Fenige Sandbox, click the link, leave your contact details, and our representative will get in touch with you.

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Our products

Card to Card Transfer

Card to Card Transfer

Innovative technology that allows to send money between cards instantly anywhere in the world. No SWIFT or bank account number needed!

Payouts on Card

Payouts on Card

Quick money transfers to debit

or credit cards in 150 major currencies. Lower the costs, save time and increase the end-user satisfaction.

Online Payments

Online Payments

Payment gate. API and service for accepting card payments. Direct plug into Visa & Mastercard systems guarantees lowest fees.

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