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Who We Are: Fenige's Story & Mission

We are a global payment technology partner for fintechs, merchants and other payment organizations. As a fully certified PCI DSS European Payment Institution, we run our own innovative software processing platform directly connected to VISA & Mastercard systems.

No setup fee

Pay per transaction, with no setup or monthly fees.

One integration

Offer your customers all their preferred payment methods with a single integration.

Flexible payouts

Choose when and in which currency you want to settle.

Our story

Fenige started working on our own platform in 2013, the digital transformation has revolutionized the world’s economy by altering the ways of paying and getting paid. Digital technology is still changing modern businesses.

Mastercard's standards

The cornerstone of our business was initially the idea of a Card-to-Card money transfers, based on Mastercard’s standards, to which systems we plugged in 2015.

On the market there were several solutions permitting such operations. Our goal was to develop, to minimize the time of transfer and reduce costs at the same time.

That is how we created a unique processing system, allowing us to transfer funds not only from card to card, but also from cash to card – for example through payments in typical ATMs. Our solution was innovative both in Europe and worldwide. In the 2016/2017 MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Enterprise Forum Poland contest edition, we were announced the contest winners.

Visa partnership

In 2017 we gained a National Payment Institution license – which was the condition of starting the process of plugging in into VISA systems. Afterall, in 2020 Fenige became a VISA member and began to experimentally process transactions on VISA cards.

Technological development

Since 2017 the company has intensively invested in development of technology and its own processing platform. In 2017, we obtained a license from the Polish Financial Supervision Authority. 

In 2020 Fenige presented full product readiness in the area of: acquiring, payouts, card to card transfers, as well as the card processing for a worldwide acquirers.

All this guaranteed Fenige's entry into the space of stability and security. And today we are your technology partner to take you to the next level!

Our mission

At Fenige, our mission is to inspire and provide our customers with innovative services for fast and secure money transfers, as well as advanced payment solutions, accessible anywhere in the world.

Driven by our passion and commitment to excellence, we continuously strive to exceed the expectations of our clients, colleagues, and shareholders. At Fenige, the customer is not just a recipient of our services, but a fully-fledged partner whose needs and opinions are crucial in the process of creating and improving our products.

Our payment solutions are at the forefront of technological innovation, ensuring flexibility and adaptation to the dynamically changing world of finance. Our credibility is not just a promise, but a proven value on which our customers can rely every day.

At Fenige, we push the boundaries of what's possible to create the future of payments - safe, fast, and accessible for everyone, everywhere.

Let's partner together!


Our vision & goals

At Fenige, our vision is to rapidly change the way people around the world make and receive payments. We aim to create a world where payments are open, accessible, and modern for all businesses and consumers, regardless of their location or size.

We strive to be at the forefront of shaping the future of payments, where innovation meets intuition, making every transaction simpler, safer, and more efficient. Our goal is to transform payments into an experience that is ahead of its time - not just by leveraging the latest technologies, but also by understanding and anticipating our customers' needs.

At Fenige, we aspire to be not just a provider of financial services, but a pioneer opening new possibilities for businesses and consumers worldwide. Our innovative and intuitive payment solutions are designed not only to respond to current market needs but also to shape future trends in the fintech industry.

By creating a world where everyone has equal access to fast, secure, and advanced payments, we aim to transform everyday life, business operations, and the global economy.

Let’s create the future of payments together!

Our goals are:

•to provide the best Polish and global payment services

•to build and develop a professional portfolio of modern payment services, with the best experience and ability to implement cutting-edge technologies and systems

•to be a reliable partner for a growing number of businesses

•to instantly grow to global markets

•to accelerate development and let tomorrow become today.


Let’s grow together!

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