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Our convenient payment solutions for e-wallet companies

Building you own e-wallet solution is big challenge. We know that and can offer you payment solutions you are looking for all together with our experience in similar projects. Our experienced team can help you with your struggles considering card issuing, solution development, mobile app creations and many more. With our help nothing is imposbile!

E-Wallets / Digital Wallets

Fenige delivers moneysend options to your mobile application. If you need an easy access to transfer money for your users and attract your digital wallet without complicated and long-term implementation you should consider one of payment processing methods from Fenige. Effortless and tailored solutions will meet all your needs. Variable benefits as limited frauds, instant processing, diverse payment methods and access to advanced data analytics will help you reach new users and unique international markets.

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 Payouts on Card is a fast and reliable payment solution, allowing online merchants to make card to card transfers without the need for a bank transfer.

Payouts on Card is easy to integrate into existing checkout systems, allowing merchants to provide their customers with an easy and secure payment option.

Card2card transfer

Card to Card Transfer is an innovative technology that provides a fast and secure way to transfer money from one card to another. It can be integrated with various payment platforms, making it easy for online merchants and payment processing companies to accept and transfer payments from customers worldwide. Furthermore, this technology provides users with a cost-efficient and secure way to transfer money from one card to another.

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