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Our convenient payment solutions for e-wallet companies

Building your own e-wallet solution is a big challenge. We are aware of that and can provide
the payment solutions you are looking for all together with our expertise in similar projects.
Our experienced team can help you with your struggles considering card issuing, solution
development, mobile app creations and many more. With our help nothing is impossible!

E-Wallets / Digital Wallets

Fenige, a leader in payment solution services, offers innovative money transfer options that seamlessly integrate with mobile applications. Our services enable your users to enjoy fast and secure transactions directly from their digital wallets, greatly simplifying financial management.

Our payment processing methods are designed for simplicity and efficiency, ensuring rapid deployment without the need for complicated technical procedures. This means you can offer your users advanced payment features without the delays and costs associated with a lengthy integration process.

Moreover, Fenige places a strong emphasis on security. We implement stringent data protection measures and advanced anti-fraud technologies, minimizing the risk of financial fraud. This ensures that both you and your clients can have complete confidence in our payment services.

Our payment solutions are also flexible and adaptable to various business needs. We support a multitude of payment methods, from traditional credit cards to modern e-wallets, accommodating a wide range of customer preferences. Additionally, our advanced data analytics provide valuable insights that can help in making strategic business decisions and reaching new market segments.

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 Payouts on Card is a fast and reliable payment solution, allowing online merchants to make card to card transfers without the need for a bank transfer.

Payouts on Card is easy to integrate into existing checkout systems, allowing merchants to provide their customers with an easy and secure payment option.

Card2card transfer

Card to Card Transfer is an innovative technology that provides a fast and secure way to transfer money from one card to another. It can be integrated with various payment platforms, making it easy for online merchants and payment processing companies to accept and transfer payments from customers worldwide. Furthermore, this technology provides users with a cost-efficient and secure way to transfer money from one card to another.

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