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Online Payment Processing Services for Merchants

Cash disbursement? Cross boarder instant payments? P2P transaction between Visa and Mastercard? Bank transfer all across the world? You are lucky – we can offer you all of that.  IF you are looking for reliable partner with cutting edge technologies of money transfer to more than 150 countries all across the world – you hit the jackpot. Use our experience and technologies to be few steps ahead of competition. 

Money Transfer Merchants

Sending money to anyone living abroad is now much easier. With Visa Direct and Mastercard Send, you can conveniently make
payment or send cash directly to the cardholders in around 200 countries. Fenige platform with cutting edge API allows you to advance commerce globally and leverage technology to create relevant tools for financial management.

Fast, simple, convenient: Make funds available to customers’ account within minutes – 24/7

Increase customer satisfaction:  Add funds to cards customers already carry in their wallet

Security and reliable partners:  Get peace of mind that you’re protected by Mastercard and Visa’s trusted financial network  

Streamline your payment operations:  An optimized and cost-effective alternative to managing your payments with Visa Direct’s and Mastercard Send single access point.

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