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Corporate Governance Principles

Statement on the application of the Corporate Governance Principles.

The Management Board of Fenige S.A., being responsible for managing the activities of Fenige S.A. (hereinafter called: "Company"), guided by the care for proper and safe operation in the performance of its tasks, has implemented „Principles of Corporate Governance for Supervised Institutions” set out by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority on July 22, 2014 (hereinafter called: "Principles" or "ZŁK") at the Company. At the same time, Fenige S.A. informs that the Supervisory Board of the Company:
1) At the request of the Management Board, accepted the waiver of the application of the principles specified in:
• § 22 sec. 1, 2, 4 and 6;
• § 25 sec. 1;
• § 28 and 30 in part;
• § 31 in part;
• § 51 sec. 2 ZŁK.
2) Positively assessed the functioning of ZŁK by the Company.

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