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A full suite of payment solutions - designed for speed and scalability around your individual business needs. Let's reinvent every payment experience. Check out our products and solutions.

About Fenige

Payments solutions have become a necessity for businesses in today's digital age, and with the growing demand for fast and secure payments, a full suite of payment solutions is a must. Payment solutions provide businesses with a platform to easily integrate online payments, card payments, payouts, and more. Payment solutions also provide a secure checkout for customers, allowing them to easily choose from a variety of payment options.

We are a global payment technology partner for fintechs, merchants
and other payment organizations. As a fully certified PCI DSS European Payment Institution, we run our own innovative software processing platform directly connected to VISA & Mastercard systems.

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Quick & Easy Start

Fully customized flexible and easy to use API supported openDevZone

Product Matrix

Product matrix of e-comm combined with unique payouts, card-2-card (peer-to-peer, money transfer) soon: BLIK&A2A (open banking)

Customized Pricing

Pricing flexibility and negotiations based on individual merchant/partner business model


Fenige is fully licensed and certified company: VISA/Mastercard member, with KNF licence, member of PL Acquirers Group in Polish Banking Association

Personal Advisory

Personalized and customized dedicated Account Manager with 360 degree support from onboarding through daily operations

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