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Instant transfer – what is it and how to make it? Will it arrive on the weekend?

An instant transfer on the weekend is a perfect solution when time is of the essence. Thanks to it, it is possible to instantly transfer funds to the recipient's account, even on non-working days. Let's check what this service is and how to use it.

What is an instant transfer?

An instant transfer is a modern form of transfer that allows you to quickly transfer money from the sender's account to the recipient's account. Unlike traditional transfers, the order is processed in real time, so the funds reach the recipient within a few minutes. The service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. This means that we can easily use an instant transfer on weekends and on holidays. This is especially useful in emergency situations requiring urgent transfer of money.

In Poland, instant transfers are carried out in two systems - Express Elixir and BlueCash. The National Clearing House (KIR) supervises their correct and safe conduct. It is worth remembering that not all branches offer this service, so before ordering a transfer, make sure that your bank and the recipient's bank participate in this system.

How to make an instant transfer on the weekend?

Ordering an instant transfer on the weekend is very simple and works similarly to a regular transfer. Just log in to online banking or your bank's mobile application and select the appropriate option. Then complete the standard transfer form, providing the recipient's details, account number, amount and transfer title. It is important to select the immediate transfer option (Express Elixir or BlueCash). After verifying the correctness of the data, simply confirm the transaction.

The funds will be transferred to the recipient's account within a few moments. However, please remember that instant transfers are subject to amount limits set by a given bank. Most often, the maximum amount of a single transaction is PLN 5,000, and the daily limit is PLN 10,000. However, before performing such an operation, you must check it at your bank branch.

Will the instant transfer arrive on the weekend?

One of the main advantages of instant transfers is their availability 7 days a week, including weekends and holidays. This means that when ordering an express transfer on Saturday or Sunday, we can be sure that the money will reach the recipient immediately. However, this is an additionally paid service - the cost of such a transaction does not exceed PLN 5.

Traditional transfers made in the Elixir system are not processed on holidays because the system only works on business days during certain hours. Transfers ordered after business hours or on the weekend will be processed by the next business day. However, in the case of Express Elixir and BlueCash instant transfers, transactions are carried out 24/7/365, excluding the Elixir system session schedule. Thanks to the automation of the process, the money reaches the recipient even in a dozen or so seconds, regardless of the day and time.

Alternative ways to make a quick transfer on the weekend

In addition to the Express Elixir and BlueCash systems, there are also other methods for express transfer of funds on the weekend. One of them is transfers to a BLIK phone number. This innovative service allows for instant transfers between BLIK system users without the need to provide the account number. Just enter the recipient's phone number, amount and confirm the transaction in the mobile application. The money reaches the recipient within a few minutes.

Another solution are transfers made via online payment systems such as PayPal or Revolut. Transactions between users of these platforms are lightning fast, even on holidays. An additional advantage is the ability to conveniently transfer money abroad.

Is it worth using instant transfers on the weekend?

Instant transfer on weekends and non-working days is a modern and convenient form of transfer that allows funds to be transferred expressly to the recipient's account. Execution of such an order is simple and is similar to that of a regular transfer. Just select the appropriate option in electronic banking, complete the form and confirm the transaction. The money will reach the recipient within a few seconds. This solution works well when we are in a tight situation and time is of the essence.

It is worth remembering that not all banks offer the instant transfer service, so before ordering a transaction, make sure that your bank and the recipient's bank participate in the Express Elixir or BlueCash system. These transfers are also subject to amount limits set by a given bank.

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