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Pay-by-link - what are Pay by Link payments?

Pay-by-link is a modern online payment method that is becoming more and more popular among sellers and customers. No wonder, because it simplifies the transaction as much as possible and leads to its quick completion. In the article we explain what it is.

What is pay-by-link?

Pay-by-link is a payment method that involves sending the customer a special link that redirects him to a personalized payment page. It can be sent via various communication channels, such as e-mail, SMS or instant messaging. It is also often generated after completing purchases in the online store. After clicking, the customer is redirected to the page where he or she can finalize the transaction by selecting the preferred payment method, e.g. quick transfer, BLIK or payment card.

These types of payments are eagerly used by e-commerce. The ability to generate a link for the customer shortens the decision-making process, which translates into finalization of the sale. In turn, the buyer receives a ready-made form with completed transaction data, which significantly speeds up the purchase process. This model has been adapted to mobile devices, which is also important for people offering products or services.

Advantages of pay-by-link payments for sellers

As mentioned earlier, pay-by-link payments provide merchants with a number of benefits:

they allow you to accept online payments without the need to have an extensive e-commerce infrastructure. Thanks to this, even small companies or sole proprietors can easily enable customers to make payments online;

another advantage of pay-by-link is the ability to personalize the payment page. The seller can place his logo on it, colors consistent with the brand's visual identification and adapt the messages to the nature of the transaction. This has a positive impact on customer confidence and increases the likelihood of finalizing the payment;

shortening the purchasing process as much as possible, which increases the likelihood of successfully completing the transaction. How does pay-by-link payment work?

The pay-by-link payment process is intuitive and takes place in a few simple steps. The first is for the seller to generate a link. This is done via a panel provided by the payment operator. The seller provides the transaction amount, its title and the customer's contact details, to which the link will be sent. Then the link is sent to the customer through the selected communication channel.

After clicking the link, the buyer is redirected to the payment page. There is information about the transaction, such as the amount to be paid, the name of the seller and the payment title - there is no need to complete anything, which is more convenient than making a traditional transfer. The customer selects their preferred payment method and follows the on-screen instructions.

Payment notification

Once the customer completes the payment, the seller receives an immediate notification. It may take the form of an e-mail or a message in the payment operator's panel. Thanks to this, he can be sure that the transaction was successful and he can proceed with the order.

Funds from pay-by-link payments go directly to the seller's bank account, linked to his panel with the operator. The posting time depends on the payment method chosen by the customer, but usually does not exceed 1-2 business days. It is worth emphasizing that the seller does not incur any additional costs related to payment processing - the only fee is usually a commission charged by the operator on the transaction value.

Pay-by-link transaction security

Payments made via pay-by-link are completely secure. The page to which the customer is redirected is hosted by the payment operator. He is responsible for protecting sensitive data, such as card numbers or online banking login details. Thanks to this, the seller does not have to worry about security issues and can focus on his core business. The most commonly used security measures include encryption.

The protocols commonly used are Secure Socket Layer (SSL) or Transport Layer Security (TLS). Thanks to them, data sent between the server and the client are encrypted, which protects them against being read by unauthorized persons. Therefore, it is worth checking whether the appropriate abbreviations appear next to the link sent.

Additional security is provided by the unique nature of each payment link. It is generated individually for a specific transaction and can only be used once. Even if an outsider comes into possession of the link, they will not be able to initiate a new payment because the link will expire after the original transaction has been completed.

When is it worth using pay-by-link?

Pay-by-link payments will be useful in many situations:

they are particularly useful for small and medium-sized companies that do not sell on a large scale and do not need an extensive e-commerce system. Thanks to pay-by-link, they can easily offer customers convenient online payments, without the need to invest in IT infrastructure;

pay-by-link is also a good solution for service companies that issue invoices with deferred payment dates. Instead of providing an account number on the invoice, they can include an online payment link. The customer does not have to enter the transfer data, which minimizes the risk of error and speeds up the receipt of funds by the service provider.

Industries using pay-by-link payments

Pay-by-link payments are gaining popularity in various industries. The greatest application can be seen in the e-commerce sector, but this model can also be applied in other places.

They are often used by hotels and guesthouses that allow guests to pay for their reservations online. Thanks to this, guests do not have to provide card details over the phone or prepay by transfer, which increases their comfort and trust in the facility. The restaurant industry can thus charge for home deliveries. Pay-by-link is also eagerly used by companies from the beauty industry, e.g. hairdressing and beauty salons. The customer can pay for the service before the visit, which avoids queues at the cash register and saves staff time.

This type of payment will also work in medical and veterinary offices, where it is increasingly possible to pay for a visit online.

Pay-by-link payments – it is worth implementing them in your business

Pay-by-link payments are a future-proof solution that is revolutionizing the way online payments are accepted. Thanks to it, sellers and service providers can easily provide customers with convenient and safe payment options, without the need to develop an online store. The system is intuitive to use for both sellers and buyers, and an additional advantage is the instant transfer of funds to the seller's account.

Considering the numerous advantages of Pay by link payments, it can be expected that they will become more popular in the coming years. It is worth considering implementing this solution in your business now offer customers the highest standard of service and increase competitiveness on the market.

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