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Online payments in an online store – types and possibilities

It is worth providing potential customers with many types of online payment options. This is an important element of the functioning of every online store. It can significantly increase sales by improving user experience. It is therefore worth taking a look at the available solutions.

Payment methods – types that work well in e-commerce

The modern e-commerce market offers many different forms of payment. The types can therefore be adapted to the needs and specificity of the business, but customer preferences must also be taken into account. The most popular online payment methods include:

  • quick transfers – enable immediate transfer of funds from the customer's bank account to the store's account. It is currently the most frequently chosen form of payment in Polish e-commerce;

  • card payments – customers can pay for the order using a credit or debit card. This is a convenient and safe method, especially popular among people accustomed to contactless payments;

  • BLIK – an innovative solution based on one-time codes generated in the bank's mobile application. BLIK payments are becoming more and more popular due to the simplicity and speed of transactions;

  • payment on delivery – the customer pays the amount upon receipt of the shipment. This is a good option for people who prefer traditional payment methods or do not trust online transactions.

Advantages of offering a variety of online payment methods

Offering customers a wide selection of payment methods brings many benefits to an online store. First of all, the variety of online payment methods increases the likelihood of the customer completing the transaction. The availability of your preferred payment method may be a factor that determines your decision to purchase in a given e-commerce store. Customers value convenience and the ability to adjust the payment method to their needs.

It is worth understanding the mechanism of how people abandon shopping carts. The final amount to be paid is not the main reason at all. Difficulties in finalizing the order may result in resignation from the services of a given online store. This process needs to be made as simple as possible, and problems with using your favorite form of payment or delivery, the need to provide additional information or create an account definitely spoil the customer's experience. Just like the hidden costs that appear in the last stage.

You should also remember that some forms of online payment, such as BLIK or card payments, guarantee immediate receipt of funds by the store. This is important from the perspective of financial liquidity and efficient order fulfillment.

Online transaction security

When choosing the type of payment methods for an online store, ensuring the security of the transaction is very important. Customers need to be sure that their financial data is properly protected. It is worth choosing proven and trusted online payment systems that use advanced encryption and authentication methods. A good solution is also to implement additional security measures, such as 3D Secure for card payments.

It is also important to educate customers on how to safely make online payments. The store should provide clear information about the security measures used and good practices during online transactions.

Costs and commissions of various payment methods

When choosing the type of payment method for your e-commerce, you should take into account the costs and commissions associated with handling individual methods. Fees may vary depending on the payment processor and type of transaction. Some forms of online payment, such as quick transfers, require you to pay a commission on each transaction. In turn, others, such as cash on delivery, generate additional costs related to handling the shipment.

It is worth carefully analyzing the offers of various payment service providers and choosing the optimal solution in terms of costs and functionality. With a large scale of operations, even small differences in commissions can have a significant impact on the store's profitability.

Modern trends in online payments

The online payment market is developing dynamically, offering more and more new solutions. Among modern trends in e-commerce, it is worth paying attention to:

  • mobile payments – more and more transactions are carried out via mobile devices. Customers willingly use the already mentioned BLIK payments, as well as Google Pay and Apple Pay, appreciating their convenience and speed;

  • deferred payments – solutions enabling payment for purchases at a later date or in installments are becoming more and more popular. For customers, it is additional flexibility, and for stores it is a chance to increase the value of the basket.

  • subscription payments – this is a convenient settlement model, especially in the case of regular deliveries or access to digital services. Automatic fee collection simplifies the purchasing process for the customer.

The types of payment methods offered in an online store are important for customer convenience and sales efficiency. It is worth ensuring a variety of online payment methods, including the most popular solutions, such as quick transfers, card payments or BLIK. When choosing payment methods, you should also pay attention to transaction security, service costs and modern trends in e-commerce. Properly selected online payment methods and constant development of the offer in this area can significantly contribute to the success of an online store.


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