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Is it safe to enter the BLIK code?

This question worries many users of this popular mobile payment system. BLIK itself offers a high level of security, but careless sharing of codes may lead to financial losses. So how to use the BLIK option to avoid fraud?

BLIK system security

The BLIK mobile payment system is becoming increasingly popular among Poles. This is due to the convenience of use and high safety standards. BLIK uses one-time codes, valid for 2 minutes, that are linked to specific transactions. An additional layer of protection is the need to confirm the payment in the bank's mobile application.

Data protection in the BLIK system

BLIK does not store sensitive user data such as card or bank account numbers. One-time BLIK codes are generated in the bank's application and are not saved anywhere. Thanks to this, even if the code is intercepted by a third party, they do not have access to information enabling subsequent transactions without the knowledge of the account owner.

Risks related to sharing BLIK codes

Despite the high level of security of the BLIK system itself, users may fall victim to fraud if they carelessly share their codes with third parties. Criminals use various methods to obtain codes, most often impersonating friends or public trust institutions.

BLIK fraud

One of the most popular scams is the "BLIK" method, which involves taking over an account on a social networking site and sending requests to friends to provide a BLIK code, allegedly in order to grant a loan. Criminals create convincing stories about emergencies or financial problems, hoping that the victim, wanting to help a friend, will share the code without prior verification.

Fake news and websites

Fraudsters also use fake e-mails or SMS messages, impersonating banks, offices or courier companies. The message contains a link to a fake website where the user is asked to enter the BLIK code in order to pay for shipment, tax or other services. In fact, after entering the code, criminals gain access to the funds in the victim's account.

How to use BLIK payments safely?

To avoid becoming a victim of fraud, you should follow several basic security rules when using the BLIK payment system. First of all, you should never share BLIK codes with third parties, even if they pretend to be friends or representatives of trusted institutions.

Verification of the caller's identity

If you receive a request for a BLIK code via instant messenger, you should always verify the identity of the interlocutor, for example by telephone. It is also worth being vigilant if the request is for an unusually high amount or is worded in a way that differs from the person's habits.

Be careful when making online payments

When making BLIK payments online, always make sure that the website where you enter the code is authentic and has appropriate security certificates (https, padlock in the address bar). Do not open links received in e-mails or SMS messages, but enter the website address yourself in your browser.

Is it safe to enter the BLIK code? The most important rules

Is it safe to enter the BLIK code? Yes, as long as you follow basic precautions and do not share the codes with third parties. The BLIK system itself ensures a high level of security thanks to one-time codes and the need to confirm transactions in the banking application. However, it is up to users whether they will be able to recognize fraud attempts and respond to them appropriately.

It is worth remembering that in case of any doubts as to the authenticity of the request for a BLIK code, it is always better to be safe and contact the supposedly needy friend via another route or consult a bank advisor. By using common sense and following good security practices, you can enjoy the convenience of mobile payments without worrying about losing your funds.

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