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Is it possible to reverse a BLIK payment?

How to reverse a BLIK transfer if we send money to the wrong phone number by mistake? Is it possible to cancel such a transaction? What steps should I take to recover incorrectly transferred funds? You will find answers to these questions in the article below.

How to reverse a BLIK transfer? Is it possible?

Unfortunately, due to the immediate nature of a BLIK transaction, it is not possible to directly reverse the transfer. Once the payment is approved, the money is immediately transferred to the recipient's account. In case of a mistake, for example entering the wrong telephone number, you cannot cancel such a transfer yourself.

How to proceed in the event of an incorrect BLIK transfer?

Although you cannot directly reverse a BLIK transfer, there are certain steps you can take to recover incorrectly transferred funds. First of all, you should contact the recipient of the transfer as soon as possible and inform him about the situation. If the recipient agrees to a refund, the problem can be resolved amicably.

Filing a complaint with the bank

If there is no contact with the recipient or he refuses to return the funds, you should immediately submit a complaint to your bank. This must be done in writing, describing the situation in detail and attaching confirmation of the transfer. The bank is obliged to consider the complaint and attempt to recover the money from the recipient's bank.

Unfortunately, BLIK does not store user data and their account numbers, which means that it is not able to link system-processed transactions with specific people. Therefore, if the sender of the transfer enters an incorrect telephone number, he or she should submit a written complaint to the bank - the publisher of the mobile application from which the incorrect transaction was made.

Then, at the sender's request, the sender's bank should apply to the recipient's bank for a refund of the money from the erroneous transfer. Having the recipient's personal data, the injured party can pursue their rights in court, but this may be a time-consuming and expensive process.

Pursuing claims in court

How to reverse a BLIK transfer? If the bank's actions do not bring the expected result and the amount of the incorrect BLIK transfer is significant, you can consider pursuing your rights in court. In such a situation, you should use the help of a lawyer who will help you prepare a lawsuit and represent your interests in court. However, it is worth bearing in mind that the court process may be time-consuming and involve additional costs.

How to avoid mistakes when making BLIK transfers?

To minimize the risk of errors when making BLIK transfers, it is always worth carefully checking the entered recipient's telephone number. It is also good practice to make sure that the amount transferred is correct. Banking applications often offer the option of adding recipients to the contact list, which allows you to quickly and safely complete transactions without having to enter the phone number each time.

Characteristics of the BLIK payment system

BLIK is a Polish mobile payment system that was launched in 2015 by Polski Standard Płatności (PSP), a company founded by the six largest banks in Poland. This system allows you to make payments, cash withdrawals from ATMs and transfers to a telephone number using the bank's mobile application. To use the BLIK option, simply generate a one-time, 6-digit code in the application and then enter it in a payment terminal, ATM or on the store's website. BLIK payments are safe thanks to the use of one-time codes and no need to provide payment card details.

The BLIK system is a convenient and fast payment method that is becoming more and more popular among smartphone users. It allows you to complete transactions both in stationary and online stores, and also allows you to transfer money to the recipient's phone number. BLIK transactions are instant, which means that the funds are transferred to the recipient's account within a few seconds of the payment being approved.

Incorrect BLIK transfer – how to get the money back?

You already know the answer to the question of how to reverse a BLIK transfer. Although this cannot be done directly, there are ways to recover funds transferred in error. However, it is worth remembering that the best way to avoid mistakes is to enter data carefully and accurately when making BLIK transfers.

Let us remember that BLIK payments are convenient and fast, but they require us to be scrupulous. It is easy to make a mistake when entering a telephone number, so it is always worth checking the correctness of the data several times, especially when transferring larger amounts. In case of a mistake, do not delay in reporting the problem to the bank and taking steps to recover the funds. The faster we react, the greater the chances for a positive resolution of the matter

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