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Is BLIK safe? How to use BLIK payments safely?

This question is asked by many users of this popular mobile payment system. BLIK ensures convenience and speed of transactions, but it is important to maintain security rules. It is worth knowing how to use the system to minimize the risk.

Is BLIK safe?

It is worth clarifying right away whether BLIK is safe - it is one of the better secured non-cash payment methods. The system is equipped with a number of solutions to protect users against unauthorized access to funds:

the basic element is a one-time BLIK code generated in the bank's mobile application. This code is only valid for 2 minutes, which makes it significantly more difficult to intercept and use by third parties;

Another important aspect of BLIK security is the need to authorize transactions in the banking application. The user must confirm the payment using an app PIN or a biometric method such as fingerprint or facial recognition. Without this confirmation, the BLIK transaction will not be completed;

additional security is the transaction limit without entering a PIN code. For payments above PLN 50, you must enter your PIN at a payment terminal or ATM. This additional verification hinders unauthorized use by people who might come into possession of the BLIK code.

However, it is worth remembering that the security of transactions also depends on the users themselves. Some data is transmitted thoughtlessly, which gives fraudsters space to act. However, modern technologies combined with common sense and the principle of limited trust can protect the funds accumulated in a bank account.

Security of banking applications

The issue of whether BLIK is safe is closely related to the security of the bank's mobile application. This is where BLIK codes are generated and through which the user authorizes transactions. That is why it is so important to properly secure access to the application.

Banks use advanced identity verification methods when activating mobile applications. This may be a telephone conversation with a consultant, confirmation in online banking or an SMS code. Thanks to this, the application is associated with a specific user and his bank account. Access to the banking application is secured with a PIN, password or biometric method. It is important to choose access codes that are difficult to guess and change them regularly. It is also worth remembering not to share your phone with the bank's application installed with anyone.

The importance of the code for payment security

One-time BLIK codes are the most important element of system security. You should do everything to protect them from access by third parties. First of all, you should not give anyone your code unless you are sure of the other party's identity and intentions. The generated BLIK code should be used to authorize payments as soon as possible. It should not be written down or stored on a mobile device or piece of paper. Of course, even if the code leaks, its short validity period and the need to confirm the transaction in the application protect against unauthorized use.

You should also be careful when entering the BLIK code on the Internet. You must always make sure that the website where you make the payment is authentic and secure (it has an SSL certificate, the address starts with "https://"). Compliance with these rules determines whether BLIK is safe.

BLIK checks – safe transfer of funds

The BLIK system also offers a check function that allows you to safely transfer funds to another person. BLIK checks have the form of a 9-digit code secured with a 4-digit password. Such a check can be used for 7 days to withdraw cash from an ATM or make a payment in a store. It is important to convey the password to the recipient via a means of communication other than the check code itself. When making a withdrawal or payment, it is necessary to provide both the check code and the password. This solution significantly increases security, because even taking over its code is not enough to prevent unauthorized use of funds.

It is worth remembering that the unused amount of a BLIK check is returned to the sender's account after the expiry date. The sender also has access to the check status in his banking application at all times. These are additional elements of control over the transferred funds. At the moment, this is not a common service yet - interested people should check whether it is offered by their bank.

Reporting irregularities regarding BLIK payments

If you suspect irregularities in BLIK payments, please contact your bank immediately. This includes both unauthorized transactions and the loss of a phone with the banking application or leakage of the BLIK code. Many institutions run 24-hour hotlines to report such situations. A quick reaction can prevent losses - the bank can block the mobile application or invalidate BLIK codes. In the case of unauthorized transactions reported quickly enough, there is also a chance to recover the funds.

That is why it is so important for users to be vigilant and monitor payments on their accounts on an ongoing basis. Any suspicious BLIK transactions should be reported to the bank immediately. It is also worth remembering to update the banking application to make sure that we are using the latest security features.

BLIK payment security – this is what you need to remember

Answering the question whether BLIK is safe, we say yes. The mobile payment system offers a high level of security, but it is also important for users to follow good practices. Protecting access to the banking application, maintaining the confidentiality of BLIK codes and vigilance against fraud attempts are the basic principles.

If these precautions are taken, BLIK is a safe and convenient payment method. It is worth using its capabilities, while remembering about your own responsibility for protecting your funds and data. A reasonable and cautious approach will allow you to fully benefit from the advantages of the BLIK system.

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