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How to withdraw BLIK from an ATM?

How to withdraw BLIK from an ATM? This question is asked by more and more people who appreciate the convenience and safety of this solution. Cash withdrawal using the BLIK code is becoming a popular alternative to traditional payment card transactions.

What is BLIK withdrawal from an ATM?

What is and how to withdraw BLIK from an ATM? This is an extremely convenient service that allows you to withdraw cash from a machine without the need to use a physical payment card. Instead, a one-time 6-digit BLIK code generated in the bank's mobile application is used to authorize the transaction. Once entered on the ATM screen, it allows you to withdraw a specific amount of money.

The BLIK ATM withdrawal service is available to customers of most Polish banks that have implemented the BLIK mobile payment system. To use it, all you need is an active banking application on your smartphone and internet access. Thanks to this system, the user has access to their money even if they do not have a bank payment card with them at the moment.

How to withdraw BLIK from an ATM step by step?

People who have not used this option before are wondering how to withdraw BLIK from an ATM? The process is intuitive and consists of a few simple steps:

1. On the ATM screen, select the "BLIK withdrawal", "Cardless withdrawal" or similar option, depending on the machine model.

2. You need to generate a one-time BLIK code in the bank's mobile application. This is usually done by selecting the appropriate option in the application menu, without the need to log in.

3. The generated 6-digit BLIK code should be entered on the ATM screen.

4. The next step is to determine the payout amount. Depending on the bank and ATM type, this may be done before or after entering the BLIK code.

5. After confirming the amount, it is necessary to confirm the transaction in the mobile application, usually by entering the application PIN.

6. After successful authorization, the ATM processes the withdrawal. All you need to do is collect the cash and any confirmation of the transaction.

It is worth remembering that the BLIK code is valid only for a specified period of time (usually 2 minutes) and can only be used for one transaction. If the code expires, please generate a new one in the application. The advantage of this solution is its intuitiveness and simplicity.

Withdrawal limits and fees for using BLIK withdrawals from an ATM

It is worth remembering that BLIK withdrawals from an ATM are subject to one-time limits, which may vary depending on the bank. However, they are usually high enough to cover current cash needs. Detailed information on limits is available in the regulations of individual banks.

As for the fees for BLIK withdrawals from an ATM, in most cases they are identical to those for payment card withdrawals. This means that withdrawals from your own bank's machine are free of charge, while withdrawals from third-party ATMs may involve a commission. However, it is worth noting that more and more banks offer BLIK withdrawals free of charge at all ATMs in the country.

Advantages of BLIK withdrawal from an ATM

Withdrawing cash from an ATM using the BLIK code brings a number of benefits:

first of all, it eliminates the need to carry a payment card with you, which increases security and minimizes the risk of its loss or theft;

Moreover, the BLIK transaction is faster and more convenient than traditional card withdrawals - it does not require entering a PIN on the ATM keyboard;

Another advantage of BLIK withdrawal from an ATM is the ability to use it even if the payment card has been blocked or is in the process of being replaced. Thanks to this, access to cash is ensured in every situation.

Security of BLIK withdrawals from an ATM

The BLIK mobile payment system, including the ATM withdrawal service, has been designed with the highest security standards in mind. One-time BLIK codes are generated only at the user's request and are valid for a short time, which practically eliminates the risk of their unauthorized use. Additionally, each BLIK transaction must be confirmed in the bank's mobile application, which is an additional layer of security.

It is also worth remembering basic safety rules when using ATMs. You should make sure that the machine does not show any signs of tampering or damage, and when entering the BLIK code and authorizing transactions in the application, it is worth covering the keyboard and phone screen from the sight of other people.

How to withdraw BLIK from an ATM? This is something to remember

How to withdraw BLIK from an ATM? It is a modern, intuitive and convenient alternative to traditional transactions using a payment card. Thanks to a simple and intuitive process, access to cash is possible in any situation, without the need to carry a plastic card with you. A high level of security, attractive withdrawal limits and often free transactions are additional advantages of this solution, which is becoming more and more popular among customers of Polish banks.


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