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How to receive a BLIK transfer from someone?

How to receive a BLIK transfer? This question is asked by many people who value the convenience and speed of cashless transactions. The system enables instant transfers to a telephone number, without the need to provide a bank account number. Learn how it works.

How to receive a BLIK transfer to your phone?

This process is fully automated. So how to receive a BLIK transfer that has been sent to your phone? All the sender of the transfer needs to do is provide your phone number as the recipient's address and confirm the transaction in their application. The money will be immediately transferred to the bank account associated with the phone number in the BLIK system. The recipient does not need to perform any additional actions - the funds will be available in the account within seconds, even on weekends and holidays.

Importantly, it does not matter in which bank the sender has an account - it is enough that both parties have BLIK activated in the banking application. This makes transfers to your phone a very universal and convenient solution. You can use them to quickly borrow money from a friend or settle a joint bill at a restaurant.

How to register a telephone number in the BLIK system?

  1. To be able to receive BLIK transfers to your phone, you must first register your number in the system. The registration process may vary slightly depending on the bank, but it usually looks like this:

  2. Log in to your bank's mobile application.

  3. Go to the BLIK tab and select the "Transfer to phone" option or similar.

  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to register your number.

  5. Confirm registration with the SMS code or application PIN.

  6. From now on, you can receive BLIK transfers to your registered phone number.

It is worth remembering that if the telephone number for BLIK transfers is the same as the one registered in the bank, after activating this system in the banking application, it does not need to be registered again. It will be set by default.

How to receive a BLIK transfer without using the phone transfer service?

It is also good to find an answer to the question of how to receive a BLIK transfer if you do not use the telephone transfer service. Is it possible? This depends on the internal procedures established by the recipient's bank. Most often, it sends an SMS message with a link to the website where you can receive the transfer. You need to open the link and follow the instructions - usually you just need to fill in your account number and wait for the funds to be transferred.

How to send a BLIK transfer to a phone?

In addition to receiving transfers, in the BLIK system you can also conveniently send money to another person's phone number. How to do it? It's easy:

Open your bank's application and select the "BLIK mobile transfer" option.

Enter the recipient's phone number or select it from your contact list.

Enter the transfer amount and confirm the transaction with your application PIN.

Ready! The money will immediately be transferred to the recipient's account associated with the provided phone number.

Some banks also offer the option of sending BLIK transfer requests. This allows you to ask another person to transfer money. Just enter your phone number and amount. The recipient will receive a notification in the application and will be able to confirm the transaction with one click.

Limits and fees for BLIK transfers to phone

Amount limits for BLIK transfers to the phone are set individually by each bank offering this service. Typically, both monetary and quantitative limits are set. For example, mBank allows you to make three BLIK transfers to your phone, you can send up to PLN 200 at a time, while the daily limit in Velobank is PLN 500 and in Credit Agricole it is PLN 1,000.

When it comes to fees, most banks allow you to receive BLIK transfers to your phone without additional fees. However, it is always worth checking the current table of fees and commissions at your bank to avoid possible costs. Please also remember that an incorrectly sent BLIK transfer cannot be reversed - the transaction is processed immediately. Therefore, you should always carefully check the recipient's phone number before approving the transfer.

What is the BLIK system and how does it work?

BLIK is a Polish mobile payment system that was launched in 2015 on the initiative of the six largest Polish banks. It enables cashless transactions to be made using a smartphone, without the need to provide payment card details or log in to online banking. To use the BLIK system, you only need to have the mobile application of the bank that offers this service. Currently, BLIK can be used by customers of most Polish banks, including: PKO BP, mBank, ING, Millennium, Santander and many others.

BLIK transactions are authorized using a 6-digit code generated in the banking application. This code is unique for each transaction and valid for 120 seconds. Thanks to this, the BLIK system ensures a high level of security and at the same time is very convenient to use.

How to receive a BLIK transfer? The most important information

Receiving BLIK transfers to your phone is a quick and convenient way to receive money without having to provide your account number. Just register your number in the bank's application and from now on the funds from the sender will be transferred directly to your account. The BLIK system is a modern solution that significantly facilitates everyday settlements - both for individuals and companies. Thanks to it, you can quickly settle accounts with friends, pay for online purchases or send money to your family. Therefore, it is worth exploring the possibilities offered by BLIK and enjoying the convenience of cashless transactions.

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