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How to pay by phone - contactless, convenient and safe?

How to pay contactless by phone instead of by card?

Contactless payments are an increasingly popular form of payment. How to pay by phone to make it convenient and safe? NFC technology and dedicated applications mean that a smartphone can successfully replace a traditional payment card.

How to pay by phone instead of card?

Every conscious smartphone user should know how to pay by phone. This is a very convenient solution that eliminates many problems. It happens more and more often that we forget our wallet, but almost never our phone. Thanks to the device, you can deal with many matters online, but also pay for even small purchases.

Contactless payments by phone are a form of cashless transactions that use NFC (Near Field Communication) technology. It involves short-range wireless communication between two devices equipped with appropriate modules. To pay by phone, your smartphone must have a built-in NFC module - you need to make sure of this before purchasing a new device. You should also install an appropriate application, e.g. Google Pay or Apple Pay, which acts as a virtual wallet in which payment card data is stored.

Enabling this function is also not a problem - if a given phone model has it, it can be activated from the top toolbar. Just click the icon with the "N" symbol, it is usually signed as NFC. Of course, you must first add your card to the payment application.

How to add a card to the payment application?

New users should remember that it is not enough to enable NFC. The issue of how to pay contactless by phone requires adding your payment card to the application. The process is intuitive and involves following a few simple steps:

launching the payment application on your smartphone;

selecting the option to add a new card;

scanning the payment card with your phone's camera or manually entering its details;

card verification by the bank (e.g. via SMS code);

acceptance of the service regulations.

After adding a card, the application generates a unique token that replaces the actual card details during the transaction. Thanks to this, real data is not shared with the seller, which increases payment security.

How to pay with an Android phone?

To pay with an Android phone, make sure the device has an NFC module and install a payment application, e.g. Google Pay. Then you need to add the payment card to the application as described above. Payments are made by unlocking the phone and holding it close to the terminal. For transactions up to PLN 100, you are usually not required to enter your PIN. It is worth remembering basic security rules, such as protecting your phone with a password and avoiding installing suspicious applications.

How to pay with an iOS phone?

It is also worth explaining how to pay with a phone manufactured by Apple. People who have iOS devices should use Apple Pay. Their iPhone must also be equipped with an NFC module and iOS version 8.1 or newer. Payments can be made in stationary stores, mobile applications and on websites that support Apple Pay.

To get started, add your payment card to the Wallet application, then double-press the side button and hold your phone close to the terminal. On models with Face ID, additional face authentication may be required. Transactions are safe because, as in the previous case, card details are not made available to sellers, and each payment requires authentication.

Security of contactless payments by phone

Contactless payments by phone are safe if the user follows certain rules and takes preventive measures. First of all, he must protect his phone with a hard-to-crack password, PIN or biometric data. It is also important:

not sharing payment application login details with third parties;

regular updating of the operating system and payment applications;

use trusted Wi-Fi networks when adding cards to the application.

If you lose your phone or suspect unauthorized access, please contact your bank immediately to block the card.

Other ways to pay by phone

In addition to NFC contactless payments, there are also other payment methods using a smartphone. How to pay by phone using other solutions? There are several possibilities:

BLIK is a Polish mobile payment system that allows you to complete transactions using a 6-digit code generated in the banking application. The code can be used for payments in online and stationary stores and for ATM withdrawals;

mobile payments in banking applications. Many banks offer their own mobile applications that enable contactless payments by phone;

payments using QR codes, which are usually used to make quick transfers. This way you can pay bills or invoices, which requires the banking application on your phone to be integrated with a QR code reader. Thanks to this, the system will complete the transfer data, and the only action the user will take is to accept the operation.

How to pay contactless by phone? This is worth knowing

Contactless payments by phone are a convenient and safe alternative to traditional payment cards. Thanks to NFC technology and dedicated applications, a smartphone can successfully replace a physical wallet. The payment process is fast, intuitive and does not require providing sensitive data. While maintaining basic security rules, phone payments are considered safer than traditional methods.

The growing popularity of mobile payments means that more and more banks and stores offer this form. Therefore, it is worth considering adding your payment card to the application and starting convenient payments by phone.

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