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How to generate and use a BLIK code?

Many users of banking applications ask themselves this question. BLIK is a convenient and safe way to make payments both online and in stationary stores. Generating a BLIK code is simple and intuitive, and the process takes only a few seconds.

Where can I find the BLIK code in my bank's application?

The BLIK code is a one-time, 6-digit string of characters that is used to authorize transactions. The code is generated in the bank's mobile application and is valid for 2 minutes from the moment it is displayed. If necessary, a new code can be generated after this time.

To use BLIK codes, you must have a banking application on your smartphone and internet access. BLIK is currently available in the mobile applications of 18 banks in Poland.

Before you learn how to generate a BLIK code, read where you will find this option in the application. The location of the "BLIK" option may vary slightly depending on the bank and application version. Most often, the BLIK code is located in a visible place on the main screen of the application, right after logging in on the main screen. If you have difficulty finding the BLIK option, it is worth checking the help in the application or on the bank's website.

How to generate a BLIK code in the application?

Generating the BLIK code is intuitive and is similar in applications of various banks. Most often, you just need to log in to the application, select the "BLIK" or "Mobile payments" option and click the "Generate code" button. In some applications, you can obtain the BLIK code on the login screen, without having to go to the payment section. The generated 6-digit code will be displayed on the smartphone screen.

How does the BLIK system work?

You already know how to generate a BLIK code, but do you know how this popular payment system works? BLIK is a Polish mobile payment standard, created by Polski Standard Płatności (PSP) in cooperation with banks. Transactions are made directly from the user's bank account, without the need to provide card details or log in to online banking. The BLIK system uses security measures used by banks, such as logging in to the mobile application or authorizing transactions with a PIN code. An additional advantage is the one-time use and short validity period of the BLIK code.

BLIK code uses

The generated BLIK code can be used in several ways - for online payments, at payment terminals in stationary stores, and to withdraw cash from ATMs.

BLIK payments online

To pay for online purchases using the BLIK option, select this payment method in the online store and then rewrite or copy the BLIK code from the banking application to the appropriate field on the transaction page. Each BLIK payment must be confirmed in the mobile application by authorizing it with a PIN code. This additional security protects against unauthorized use of BLIK codes by third parties.

How to pay with BLIK in an online store?

The BLIK payment process in the online store is simple and intuitive. After selecting the goods and going to the basket, select BLIK as the payment method. Then you need to enter or copy the BLIK code from the banking application to the appropriate field on the transaction page and confirm the payment. A payment notification will appear in the mobile application and must be confirmed with a PIN code.

BLIK payments in stationary stores

To pay for purchases in a stationary store using the BLIK option, you must inform the seller at the checkout that you have chosen this payment method. At the payment terminal, select the "BLIK" option and follow the instructions on the screen.

Then, generate a BLIK code in the banking application and enter it on the terminal. The payment must be confirmed in the application with a PIN code. More and more stores also offer the BLIK contactless payment option, where you just need to hold your phone close to the terminal without entering the code.

How to withdraw money from an ATM without a card using the BLIK code?

Withdrawing cash from an ATM using the BLIK code is simple and does not require having a payment card with you. After selecting the "BLIK withdrawal" (or similar) option at the ATM, a place to enter the code will appear on the screen. You must generate a BLIK code in the banking application and enter it on the ATM screen. Then you need to confirm the withdrawal in the application by entering your PIN. Once the transaction is approved, the ATM will dispense cash.

Fast and easy payments using the BLIK option

You already know how to generate a BLIK code and in what situations you can use this option. BLIK is a convenient and safe alternative to traditional card or cash payments. By simply generating codes and confirming transactions in the application, users gain quick access to their funds. It is worth getting acquainted with this payment method and starting to use its facilities on a daily basis.

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