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How much can you transfer with BLIK at one time and how to change the limits?

How much can you transfer with BLIK in a single transaction? This question worries many users of this popular mobile payment system. Although BLIK ensures convenience and speed of transfers, transaction amounts are subject to certain restrictions.

How much can you transfer with BLIK? Transaction limits by phone

This payment system has gained popularity among users. Thanks to it, you can, among other things, pay for purchases in stationary stores, make online payments, and send money to a telephone number. The question arises: how much can you transfer with BLIK during one operation? To protect their users, banks have introduced certain restrictions. They set their own amount and quantity limits, so it is worth checking it on the website or hotline of your banking institution. You should also make sure that it offers these services.

Making a BLIK transfer to the phone is possible, among others, in the following banks: mBank, Alior Bank, BGŻ BNP Paribas, ING Bank Śląski, Millennium, PKO Bank Polski, VELO Bank. Each of them individually decides how much BLIK can be transferred.

Average transaction limit amounts per phone

The standard one-time limit for a transfer to a BLIK phone is from PLN 500 to PLN 1,000. Depending on the bank, this may also be the daily limit for this type of transaction. This means that in one day you can make a single phone transfer for the amount of PLN 500 or several smaller transfers, which in total will not exceed PLN 500.

The monthly limit for transfers to a BLIK phone is much higher and amounts to PLN 5,000. This gives users a lot of freedom to send money to other people using their phone number. It is worth remembering that some banks (e.g. mBank) only set daily limits and do not have monthly limits.

BLIK transaction limits in ATMs and stores

In addition to phone transfers, BLIK also enables cash withdrawals from ATMs and payments in stationary and online stores. Certain amount limits also apply here.

The maximum daily limit for BLIK withdrawals from ATMs is usually from PLN 500 to PLN 5,000, depending on the settings in a given bank. The situation with BLIK payments in stores is similar - their daily limit is usually from PLN 500 to PLN 5,000. The total daily limit for BLIK cash and non-cash transactions is from PLN 1,000 to PLN 10,000.

How to change BLIK limits in your bank?

If the standard limits on how much you can transfer with BLIK do not meet your needs, you can change them yourself in most banks. The most convenient way to do this is via the online banking system or mobile application. For example:

in Alior Bank, BLIK limits are modified in online banking in the "Settings → Authorization and security → Limits → BLIK limits" tab;

in ING Bank Śląski, the option to change limits can be found in My ING by going to "Settings → Limits → Limits for BLIK";

in turn, in mBank, we can change BLIK limits in the mobile application by selecting "Settings → BLIK Settings → BLIK Limits".

The maximum limits that can be set for BLIK transactions vary between banks. Most often, they do not exceed PLN 10,000 a day for payments in stores and ATM withdrawals and PLN 1,000 for a one-time transfer to a BLIK phone.

How high are BLIK limits worth setting? Remember about safety

When determining how much you can transfer with BLIK, it is worth remembering security issues. You must be guided by common sense and individual needs. Too high limits may expose us to losses in the event of phone theft or account takeover. In turn, too low limits will unnecessarily limit BLIK users.

A good solution is to set the daily BLIK transaction limit at PLN 1,000-2,000, which should be enough for everyday expenses and at the same time minimize possible losses. It is worth setting the limit for a one-time transfer to a BLIK phone at PLN 500, as this amount is usually sufficient for settlements with friends. Remember that BLIK limits can always be adjusted on an ongoing basis in your bank's mobile application or online banking.

BLIK phone transfers – fast, convenient, without an account number

The BLIK phone transfer function is becoming more and more popular among users. No wonder - it's a very simple and instant solution that does not require knowing the recipient's bank account number.

To send a BLIK transfer to a phone number, simply select the "BLIK phone transfer" option in your bank's mobile application, enter the recipient's phone number, enter the amount and confirm the transaction. The money will immediately be transferred to the recipient's account, even on a weekend or holiday. The only thing you need to remember is to register and link your phone number with your bank account in advance - both by the sender and the recipient of the transfer.

How much can you transfer with BLIK? The most important information

The BLIK mobile payment system certainly facilitates everyday financial settlements. However, it is worth remembering the amount limits that apply to individual BLIK transactions. Typically, they amount to PLN 500-1,000 for a one-time transfer to the phone and from PLN 500 to PLN 5,000 per day for cashless payments and ATM withdrawals. However, you need to check what the bank whose services you use looks like.

If necessary, you can change BLIK limits yourself in online banking or your bank's mobile application. This allows you to adjust the system's capabilities to individual preferences and ensure the convenience of using instant transfers to a phone number and other advantages of BLIK payments.


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