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How do BLIK contactless payments work?

How does contactless BLIK work? This is a convenient and quick way to pay your dues in stationary stores. Thanks to this service, available in the mobile applications of many banks, all you need to do is unlock your phone and bring it close to the payment terminal.

What is contactless BLIK and how does it work?

How does contactless BLIK work? This is a service that allows you to make payments in stationary stores by bringing your phone close to the payment terminal. Transactions take place without the need to enter the BLIK code or confirm the operation in the mobile application. Just unlock your smartphone and touch it to the NFC reader in the terminal.

Contactless BLIK payments operate based on NFC (Near Field Communication) technology, which allows for wireless data exchange over a short distance. The smartphone must be equipped with an NFC module and have the mobile application of a bank supporting contactless BLIK installed. In addition, the banking application must be set as the default for contactless payments.

Which banks offer contactless BLIK?

Currently, BLIK contactless payments can be used by customers of many banks, including: Alior Bank, Bank Millennium, ING Bank Śląski, mBank, PKO Bank Polski and Santander Bank Polska. The service is gradually being implemented by subsequent financial institutions. It is worth checking the possibility of using this solution directly with the bank - on the bank's website or hotline.

Contactless BLIK and other types of contactless payments

You may be wondering how contactless BLIK and other payments of this type work? Using this solution, you do not need to connect your card to the payment application. All you need is to have the banking application and the NFC service turned on.

What are the technical requirements for contactless BLIK?

To be able to pay with BLIK contactless, you must have a smartphone with Android version 6.0 or newer and an NFC module. It is also necessary to install the current version of the mobile application of one of the banks providing this service. BLIK contactless payments are currently not available to users of iOS devices.

How to activate BLIK contactless payments?

We already know how contactless BLIK works, but it is also worth explaining how to activate it? The process is intuitive and is similar in the mobile applications of individual banks. Most often, all you need to do is go to the BLIK settings and select the "Activate BLIK contactless payments" option. Then, you must accept the service regulations and select the account from which transactions are to be made. In some banks, it is also necessary to set a PIN code or another method of securing the phone, e.g. fingerprint or face recognition.

How to set contactless BLIK as the default payment method?

After activating the service, it is worth setting contactless BLIK as the default form of contactless payments on your phone. Thanks to this, there will be no need to select the payment method each time at the terminal:

  • to do this, go to the NFC settings on your smartphone and select the bank's mobile application as the default one for contactless transactions;

  • you can do this by finding "NFC & Payments" on your smartphone and then "Tap & Pay" - depending on the model, the function may be referred to as "Tap & Pay" or "Tap & Pay";

  • after selecting it, information appears which application is currently set as the default for contactless payments (it can be changed).

How to pay with BLIK contactless?

It is worth knowing how contactless BLIK works in practice. Payments in stationary stores are simple and intuitive. Just unlock your phone and hold it close to the payment terminal. There is no need to open the banking application or enter the BLIK code. It is important to inform the cashier if you want to make a contactless payment. In the case of self-service cash registers, select the "Payment card" option, which activates the proximity reader. The transaction is authorized by bringing the unlocked phone closer to the terminal - in most cases, no additional confirmation is required.

BLIK contactless payments do not require internet access. Transactions are carried out via NFC technology, which enables communication between the terminal and a smartphone without the need to connect to the network. Thanks to this, contactless BLIK can be used even in places with poor coverage, e.g. underground parking lots.

Can you pay with contactless BLIK abroad?

Another interesting issue regarding how contactless BLIK works is the possibility of using it abroad. Just look for terminals marked with the Mastercard logo that support contactless transactions. There is no need to convert funds or have a currency card - the conversion takes place automatically at the exchange rate of a given bank.

Security of BLIK contactless payments

Contactless BLIK payments are safe thanks to the use of a number of security measures. First of all, they require you to unlock your phone before bringing it close to the terminal. The smartphone must have a screen lock set, e.g. PIN code, pattern, fingerprint or face recognition. Even if the phone is stolen or lost, an unauthorized person will not be able to pay with BLIK contactless without knowing the method of unlocking the device. Additionally, you can set amount limits for contactless transactions in banking applications.

Are BLIK contactless payments free?

Using BLIK contactless payments is free for customers - both at home and abroad. There are no transaction commissions or additional costs. Moreover, BLIK payments, just like transfers or ATM withdrawals, can be included in the total number of free operations as part of packages offered by banks.

What is worth knowing about how contactless BLIK works?

BLIK contactless payments are a convenient and safe alternative to traditional card or cash transactions. Thanks to the use of NFC technology, all you need to do is unlock your phone and bring it close to the terminal to pay for your purchases. To use contactless BLIK, you must have a smartphone with Android, an NFC module and a mobile application of one of the banks offering this service.

Activation is quick and intuitive through the application settings. It is worth setting BLIK as the default contactless payment method on your phone so as not to select it every time at the terminal.

Contactless BLIK payments are a safe way to pay your dues thanks to the need to unlock your phone and the ability to set transaction limits. The service can be used even without Internet access, which is especially useful in places with poor network coverage.


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