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Cash payment – limit in 2024. Check how much it is!

The cash payment limit in 2024 is an important issue for entrepreneurs transacting with other business entities. Although there have been recent announcements of changes in this area, it was ultimately decided to maintain the current threshold. It is worth familiarizing yourself with the current regulations to avoid settlement problems.

Cash payment – limit in 2024. Current regulations

In accordance with applicable regulations, the limit for cash payments in transactions between entrepreneurs is PLN 15,000 gross. This means that companies can settle their liabilities in cash up to this amount. For transactions exceeding this threshold, payment must be made via a bank account.

It is worth emphasizing that this limit applies to the value of a single transaction, regardless of the number of payments making up a given transaction. For example, if an entrepreneur purchases goods with a total value of PLN 20,000 gross, even if the payment is divided into installments, it will still be necessary to settle the amount due in a non-cash form. The provisions regarding the cash payment limit are intended to increase the transparency of economic transactions and reduce the gray zone. This makes it easier to monitor financial flows between entrepreneurs and prevent potential fraud.

Consequences of exceeding the cash payment limit

Exceeding the cash payment limit in business-to-business transactions may have negative consequences. First of all, such a payment cannot be included in tax-deductible costs. This means that the entrepreneur will lose the opportunity to reduce the tax base by the value of this expense.

Moreover, violating the regulations regarding the cash payment limit may result in the imposition of a fine. Tax authorities have the right to verify whether entrepreneurs correctly comply with applicable regulations and may take consequences if any irregularities are found.

Cash payment limit – exclusions

There are certain categories of transactions that are not subject to the cash payment limit. These include, among others:

transactions between natural persons not conducting business activity;,

payments made abroad;

transactions in which one of the parties is a consumer.

In these cases, it is possible to make cash payments without any amount limits. However, it is worth remembering that these exclusions apply to specific situations and cannot be interpreted broadly. For example, if a natural person not running a business makes a purchase from an entrepreneur, such a transaction will not be subject to the limit of PLN 15,000. Similarly, in the case of payments made by a Polish entrepreneur abroad - the above-mentioned threshold does not apply here either.

Advantages of cashless payments

Although cash payments are still popular, more and more entrepreneurs see the advantages of cashless settlements. This form of payment is more convenient and safer. There is no risk of losing or stealing cash, and it is easier to control the flow of funds.

Cashless payments are also beneficial from the point of view of building an entrepreneur's credit history. Regular transactions made via a bank account are positively assessed by financial institutions and may translate into better lending conditions in the future. The popularization of non-cash payments helps reduce the gray zone and tighten the tax system. Thanks to this, the state budget gains additional revenues, which translates into the possibility of implementing important investments and social programs.

How to pay safely and legally? Follow changes in regulations!

The cash payment limit in 2024 remains unchanged at PLN 15,000 gross for transactions between entrepreneurs. It is worth following these regulations to avoid negative tax and legal consequences. At the same time, there are more and more arguments in favor of popularizing cashless payments, which are more convenient, safer and better perceived by the financial sector.

Entrepreneurs should keep up to date with possible changes in the regulations regarding the cash payment limit in order to adapt their practices to current requirements. If in doubt, it is worth consulting an expert or using the help of an accounting office that will help you settle the transaction correctly.

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