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BLIK on the phone - quick transfer without knowing the account number

BLIK phone transfer – how does it work, how to do it?

BLIK phone transfer is an innovative solution that has gained popularity among smartphone users. It allows you to quickly transfer funds to the recipient's account without knowing his bank account number. All you need is a phone number!

What is BLIK on the phone? A solution for busy people

BLIK is a Polish mobile payment standard that allows cashless transactions to be carried out using a smartphone. One of the system's functionalities is a BLIK phone transfer, thanks to which you can easily transfer money to the recipient's account, just knowing his phone number. The BLIK mobile service is available in the mobile applications of most Polish banks. To use it, both the sender and the recipient must activate it in their bank and link the phone number to their bank account.

How do I link my phone number to my bank account?

Linking your phone number to your bank account is necessary to use the BLIK phone transfer service. This process may vary slightly depending on the bank, but it usually goes like this:

Log in to your bank's mobile application;

Go to the BLIK or settings section;

Select the option to associate your phone number with your account;

Enter your phone number and confirm the operation;

You will receive an SMS code on the provided number, which must be entered in the application for confirmation.

After linking your phone number with your bank account, you can send and receive transfers to your BLIK phone.

How to make a BLIK transfer to your phone?

The advantages of BLIK payments include that they are fast and intuitive. The same is also the case with transfers to the phone - even those who do not consider themselves experts in the field of technological innovations will have no problem performing such an operation. Here are the steps to follow:

Open your bank's mobile app and log in;

Select the "BLIK mobile transfer" option (the name may vary depending on the bank);

Enter the recipient's phone number or select it from the contact list;

Enter the transfer amount and confirm the operation;

The transfer will be processed immediately and the recipient will receive the funds in their account.

It is worth noting that transfers to BLIK phones are made in real time, regardless of the day of the week and time. This means that the recipient will receive the money immediately after the sender approves the transaction.

Amount and quantity limits for BLIK phone transfers

Each bank sets its own limits on the number of transfers to a BLIK phone. Some allow one transaction, others several. It is also worth knowing that they also apply to the amounts that can be transferred in this way - the daily limit is PLN 1,000 (in most banks). However, we advise you to check whether this is also the amount that can be transferred at one time to the phone number. Some institutions have also introduced restrictions in such cases.

When is it worth using a BLIK transfer to your phone?

BLIK phone transfer is a convenient solution when you want to quickly send money to friends, e.g. for a joint bill at a restaurant or a cinema ticket. You just need to know the recipient's phone number to make an immediate transfer, without having to log in to online banking. BLIK on the phone will also work in situations when we do not have cash or a payment card with us. It is increasingly accepted even by small entrepreneurs, e.g. at fairs or service points.

However, it is worth remembering to use BLIK on the phone wisely - preferably between trusted people. Small settlements among family and friends, quick transfer of money to a child are situations when such payments are the most convenient. Moreover, we must not forget to follow basic safety rules.

Security of BLIK phone transfers

BLIK phone transfers are a safe way to transfer funds. Each transaction requires authorization in the bank's mobile application, which significantly hinders access to the account by unauthorized persons. However, you cannot rely solely on technology - we advise you to follow the so-called principles of limited trust. To additionally ensure the security of transfers to your BLIK phone, it is worth following a few rules:

do not share your phone number linked to your bank account with anyone;

always make sure you enter the correct phone number of the recipient;

do not use the service on untrusted devices or public Wi-Fi networks;

regularly update the bank's mobile application and your smartphone's operating system.

Following these recommendations will minimize the risk of unauthorized access to your account and theft of funds.

Is a BLIK transfer to a phone free of charge?

Currently, banks offer BLIK phone transfers without additional fees. This is one of the factors that contributes to the growing popularity of this service. However, please remember that banks' pricing policies may change. It is worth monitoring messages from your bank and service regulations to stay up to date with possible fees.

BLIK on the phone – this is what you need to know

A BLIK phone transfer is a convenient and quick way to transfer funds without knowing the recipient's account number. Thanks to the immediate execution of transactions and high security standards, this service has gained a wide group of supporters. To use BLIK phone transfers, simply link your phone number to your bank account in the mobile application and follow the intuitive transaction process. It is also worth getting acquainted with the limits applicable in a given bank and applying good security practices.

With a BLIK phone transfer, settling accounts with friends, paying a bill or giving pocket money to a child becomes child's play. This is a modern solution that meets the needs of modern smartphone users who value convenience, speed and security of financial transactions.

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