Transfer money between cards

The Card2Card transfers are our latest, most innovative accomplishment. Implementing Fenige technology will allow your users and customers to send and receive money knowing only the card numbers – no further bank account details needed!

The technology smartly bypasses the molasses-slow SWIFT procedure and allows the funds to appear considerably quicker.

The transfers are made in 155 major currencies and under highest security protocols. Fast and safe.

Thanks to our official partnership with VISA and Mastercard you do not need additional licenses and permits – we provide the full service with a FREE test environment.

VISA to Mastercard money transfer system that is easy to implement. With customizable & flexible commisions.
Transferring money without bank details - only debit or credit card number needed.


Innovative technology that allows to send money between cards instantly anywhere in the world. No SWIFT or bank account number needed!

Payouts solution that is very easy to implement.

Payouts (OCT)

Quick money transfers to debit or credit cards in 155 major currencies. Lower the costs, save time and increase the end-user satisfaction.

Direct acquiring solutions perfect for PSP, companies aggregating payments and e‑commerce.


Payment gate, API and service for accepting card payments. Direct plug into Visa & Mastercard systems guarantees lowest fees.

Card processor with complete system of API's


Complete system for card payment processing based on Fenige API. No need to build your own stack or get necessary certifications.

Applying is Quick and Simple

    • Completely non-binding
    • Basic company data needed
    • Data is safe and used only to prepare an offer
    • Takes about 5 minutes to fill the form
    • Answer in 24h or less
    • We are open for negotiations

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