Story of Fenige

The story of Fenige begins in the year 2013. The cornerstone of our company was an idea of a card-to-card money transfer, based on Mastercard’s standards – to which systems we’ve plugged in the year 2015.

On the market there were several solutions permitting to do such operations. Our goal was to develop one, shortening the time of transfer to minimum, while reducing costs at the same time.

In that way, we’ve created an unique processing system, allowing to transfer funds not only from card to card, but also from cash to card – for example by contribution in the typical ATM machines.

Our solution was innovative both in european and world scale. In 2016/2017 MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Enterprise Forum Poland contest edition, we’ve ended in the winners club.

In the year 2017 there were very intensive acting in may fronts at the same time. We’ve gained a National Payment Institution license – which was the condition of starting the process of plugging in into VISA systems. Afterall, since 2020 Fenige is a VISA member and began to experimentally process transactions on VISA cards.

In 2017 and later the company intensively invested in development of techology and own processing platform – that way in 2020 Fenige was in the full product readiness in the area of: acquiring, payouts, card to card transfers and the card processing for a worldwide acquirers as well.

All of this guaranteed Fenige’s entry into the space of stability and safeness.

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